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"Iguanas are at a critical crossroads and some are perilously close to vanishing from the earth forever. This is our last chance to save these truly amazing creatures, which we are only beginning to understand and fully appreciate. Without your help, these ancient reptiles will disappear forever, living only in our memories and our children’s imaginations."
Allison Alberts, President, IIF

Latest Iguana News

Ricord’s Iguana hatchlings recovered in Haiti for the first time ever!
Researcher Dr. Masani Accimé and team members are able to process 15 Ricord's hatchlings in Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti.
IIF Announces Land Purchase in the Dominican Republic
The International Iguana Foundation (IIF), in collaboration with their partner Grupo Jaragua (GJ), announced today that they have reached an agreem...
Jamaican Iguana Recovery Program June 2012
Results of camera traps in the Hellshire Hills giving a clear picture of the challenges faced by Jamaican Iguanas.  Mongoose predation is a se...
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