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Welcome to the International Iguana Foundation 2012 news archive page. Our current news stories are listed under the News tab above on the left is a listing of news arhives for this year. To receive the latest news updates electronically, please join our mailing list from the homepage


Ricord’s Iguana hatchlings recovered in Haiti for the first time ever!
Researcher Dr. Masani Accimé and team members are able to process 15 Ricord's hatchlings in Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti.
IIF Announces Land Purchase in the Dominican Republic
The International Iguana Foundation (IIF), in collaboration with their partner Grupo Jaragua (GJ), announced today that they have reached an agreement to purchase another parcel of land that will protect important nesting habitat for the critically endangered Ricord’s iguana in the Dominican Republic.
Jamaican Iguana Recovery Program June 2012
Results of camera traps in the Hellshire Hills giving a clear picture of the challenges faced by Jamaican Iguanas.  Mongoose predation is a serious concern as an entire nest of eggs may be wiped out by repeated raids.
The Jamaican Project report April, 2012
The vet team from the Fort Worth Zoo joined researchers Tandora Grant and Byron Wilson in healthscreening and releasing the headstarted iguanas that have been living at Hope Zoo, Kingston Jamaica.
Cyclura ricordi Is A Team Effort
The survival of the Ricord's iguana is the focus of a large team effort.  Fighting for this endangered species are a handful of researchers, enthusiastic Haitian and Dominican Republic youth, a local grassroots organization Grupo Jaragua, and the International Iguana Foundation.  
International Iguana Foundation Announces 2011 Grants
International Iguana Foundation announces 2011 grants.
2011 Anegada Release
2011 record number of Anegada Iguanas released!