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Jim Breheny



Jim Breheny is Senior Vice President of Living Institutions for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Director of the Bronx Zoo.  Jim has been with WCS at its Bronx Zoo headquarters in New York for 37 years.  A former Curatorial Science Fellow, Curator and Director of Special Animal Exhibits, Jim was named General Curator in 2004 and Director of the Bronx Zoo in 2005.  He received his undergraduate degree from Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York where he was also an adjunct in the Biology Department from 1998 through 2005.  He received his graduate degree from Fordham University in 1984.

Throughout his career, Jim has participated in the planning, design and construction of many of the Bronx Zoo’s breakthrough exhibits including, most recently, Tiger Mountain, Butterfly Garden, African Wild Dogs, the restoration of the historic Astor Court and the construction of the new Madagascar! exhibit.  Jim has served on the AZA Membership Committee and is a member of the Field Conservation Committee and the Professional Development Committee.  He is a member of the Zoos Advisory Committee of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and board member of the Chelonian Conservation Center (CCC).  As Senior Vice President for WCS and Director of the Bronx Zoo, he oversees the management and exhibition of the animal collections at the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo and the New York Aquarium.