IIF Announces Major Gift 2007

The International Iguana Foundation is pleased to announce an anonymous gift in the amount of $46,500 to support iguana conservation.

This donation will fund projects in the Turks and Caicos Islands ($12,500), Andros Island, The Bahamas ($10,800), and Jamaica ($23,200). In the Turks and Caicos, another iguana translocation from Big Ambergris Cay will occur, this one to Bush Cay where no iguanas currently live thus expanding both their range and overall numbers. In Andros, funds will support a survey of South Andros Island that should identify areas of high iguana density; hopefully those can be included in a proposed protected area in that region.

For Jamaica, this donation will expand operating support for the ongoing field program and fund the construction of a new $10,000, 48 x 30 foot, 12-unit iguana headstart facility at the Hope Zoo, allowing us to effectively double capacity in the headstarting program. The new headstarting strategy calls for 40 hatchling iguanas to be transferred to the Hope Zoo each year (an increase from the present 20) and then moved through the program on a 5-year release cycle.