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The Lesser Antillean iguana (Iguana delicatissima) is Critically Endangered species that once occupied several islands from Anguilla to Martinique in the eastern Caribbean. Now, it clings to survival on only 5. Its last remaining stronghold, Dominica, is under severe threat from invasive green iguanas that compete with native iguanas and even hybridize with them. Without immediate conservation action, the unique Lesser Antillean iguana will go extinct and be lost forever. The International Iguana Foundation’s 2020 End of Year campaign will aid on the ground conservation efforts with Lesser Antillean Iguanas aimed at curbing the spread of invasive species. Please join our End of Year campaign to raise $50,000 to save the Lesser Antillean Iguana on Dominica. Thanks to a generous pledge each donation will be matched $1:$1 up to $25,000 making your donation count double!

Happy World lizard day 2019 from The International Iguana Foundation!

The International Iguana Foundation worked closely with the Jamaican Environment Trust to collaborate on bringing I-Roy the Jamaican Iguana to life in this video! Jamaican Iguanas have been brought back from the brink of extinction through headstart program, but are still at risk. This video aims to tell the story of I-Roy and his friends and what people can do to help! This work would not be possible without the partnership of the Hope Zoo and the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). 

The iguana rangers tell us more about how the Jamaican iguanas are ecosystem engineers!

Meet the people on the front line of iguana conservation in Jamaica!

Health screen of Jamaican Iguanas leaving the facility at the Hope Zoo in September 2019.

The International Iguana Foundation’s 2019 End of Year Campaign is proud to support NEPA and UDC with a rare opportunity to reclaim and restore a crown jewel in Caribbean conservation and reintroduce the Jamaican Iguana back into Goat islands. Join us in the campaign to raise $25,000.

A short video explaining the work of the IUCN SSC Iguana Specialist Group. 

IIF Jamaican Iguana video from 2001. This species of iguana was thought to be extinct until a rediscovery brought to light a small wild population. The International Iguana Foundation has partnered with other organizations to save this magnificent species from extinction.