Education Materials Promote Conservation 2006

The International Iguana Foundation has produced exciting new public education materials designed to heighten local awareness for the Anegada Iguana conservation story. Posters entitled Anegada’s Treasures of Nature emphasizes the Anegada Iguana and helps to draw visitors to the headstart facility to learn more.

Heavy card stock brochures will be distributed to the taxi drivers on Anegada to hand the tourists that they tour around the island, again to attract increased visitiation to the iguana facilities. Once there, visitors can use a laminated “guide” of the facility, that illustrates the various aspects of the conservation strategy, and describes the activities at the headstart operation.

These materials were created by IIF Board member John Binns (International Reptile Conservation Foundation) with funding from the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Sir Peter Scott Conservation Action Fund. Administered by the IIF, this is one of the first such grants awarded by the Sir Peter Scott Fund, a glowing tribute to the success that the Anegada Iguana recovery program is currently enjoying.