• 2019 - 450th Jamaican Iguana Released into Hellshire Hills
    A landmark 450 Jamaican Iguanas released into the Hellshire Hills
  • 2019 - 450th Jamaican Iguana Released into Hellshire Hills
    A landmark 450 Jamaican Iguanas released into the Hellshire Hills
  • 2019 - Micro plastics Study in Galapagos Marine Iguanas
    The impacts of micro plastics are better understood in Galapagos Marine Iguanas
  • 2019 - Green Iguana Invasion in Dominica
    The impact of invasive Green Iguanas is addressed on Dominica
  • 2018 - Anegada Headstart Facility Rebuilt After Hurricane
    Anegada headstart facility re-built in wake of Hurricane Irma
  • 2018 - Education Material for Iguana Outreach in Curaçao
    Iguana educational material incorporated into biology curriculum on Curaçao
  • 2018 - Education Material for Iguana Outreach in Curaçao
    Iguana educational material incorporated into biology curriculum on Curaçao
  • 2018 - 1000th Utila Spiny-tailed Iguana Marked in Study
    1,000th Utila spiny-tailed iguana marked in longer-term mark-recapture study
  • 2018 - Galapagos Pink Iguana Radio Telemetry Research
    Galapagos Pink Iguanas are tracked for the first time
  • 2018 - 1000th Iguana marked in Roatan Study
    1,000th Roatan Spiny-tailed Iguana marked in long-term population study
  • 2017 - West Indian Iguana Phylogenetic Research Conducted
    Phylogenetic study is initiated to better understand the relationships within the West Indian Iguana
  • 2017 - Community Outreach in Guatemala
    300 teachers and students reached through Guatemalan spiny-tailed iguana outreach efforts
  • 2016 - 5th Anegada Iguana Fest Held
    5th annual community Iguana Festival held on Anegada iguanas
  • 2016 - Cactus Restoration in Domnincan Republic
    Cactus restoration program undertaken for Ricord’s iguana at Lago Enriquillo and Pedernales
  • 2016 - Utila environmental Education program
    Environmental education programs focused on the Utila spiny-tailed iguana implemented at five schools
  • 2016 - First Iguanas and Conservation Workshop
    First Iguanas and Conservation Workshop on Roatan, Honduras
  • 2015 - 200th Anegada Iguana Released into Wild
    200th Anegada iguana returned to the wild
  • 2015 - Fiji Crested Iguanas Released
    First captive-bred crested iguanas released on Monuriki Island
  • $25,000 Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund grant received to refurbish Anegada Iguana Headstart Facility
  • 2014 - Guatemala Spiny-tailed Iguanas Regenerate Forest
    The role of Spiny-tailed Iguana’s in forest regeneration documented in Guatemala
  • A small community in Haiti took a landmark step toward saving the last of the Critically Endangered Ricord’s Iguana.
  • 2013 - Goat Islands for sale in Jamaica
    2013 - The Jamaican government considers a deal to sell off critical iguana habitat for development
  • 2013 - Outreach in the Dominica Republic Begins
    2013 - Outreach workshops begin in the Dominican Republic to improve Rhinoceros Iguana captive facilities
  • 2012 - Translocation of Turks and Caicos Iguanas
    Intra-island translocation conducted for Turks and Caicos iguanas on Big Ambergris Cay
  • 2012 - Anegada Iguana Fest
    2012 – First Anegada Iguana Fest in Anegada was held.
  • The vet team from the Fort Worth Zoo joined researchers Dr. Byron Wilson (University of the West Indies) and Tandora Grant from San Diego Zoo in health screening and releasing the headstarted iguanas that have been living at Hope Zoo, Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Recent images from the Reconyx cameras provided by a grant from the Disney Worldwide Conservation fund show that non-native mongoose and feral pigs frequently raid Jamaican Iguana nests.
  • The International Iguana Foundation (IIF), in collaboration with their partner Grupo Jaragua, announced today that they have reached an agreement to purchase another parcel of land that will protect important nesting habitat for the Critically Endangered Ricord’s Iguana in the Dominican Republic.
  • At one time the Ricord’s Iguana was thought to be extinct in Haiti. When reports began circulating that these iguanas still survived near the Haitian-Dominican border, the International Iguana Foundation (IIF) got involved.
  • 2011 - IIF launches Social Media Sites
    The International Iguana Foundation has created social media outlets to keep our donors, researchers, and the public up-to-date on iguana news.
  • 2011 - Allen Cays Iguana relocation
    Emergency relocation of Allen Cays Iguanas in preparation for invasive species removal
  • In October of 2011 the headstart program had the largest release of iguanas to date, with 31 animals being repatriated into the wild. In addition, we collected 37 new hatchlings from wild nests which entered our headstart facility for eventual repatriation.
  • In April 2011, the Jamaican Iguana Recovery Program released 17 headstarted iguanas back into their native habitat in the Hellshire Hills. The headstart and release program in Jamaica began in 1997 and has since released a total of 155 iguanas back into the wild.
  • The IIF purchased 20 hectares (49 acres) of land in Pedernales, Dominican Republic. This land, known as Fonda de la Tierra, contains a very important nesting population of the Critically Endangered Ricord’s Iguana (Cyclura ricordii)
  • 2010 - Conservation program for Roatan Spiny-tailed Iguanas begins
    2010 - Conservation program for the Endangered Roatan Spiny-tailed Iguana begins in Honduras
  • 2009 - National Park Proposed in Anegada
    ark’s ultimate passage in the House of Assembly in 2009 will create a protected area on Anegada that encompasses the core iguana area located around the western ponds. The establishment of this National Park will provide much needed protection for all of the currently known iguana retreats and all but one key nesting site.
  • 2009 - Anegada Iguana Headstart Facility Educational Visits
    Over 900 students from across the British Virgin Islands visited Anegada Iguana Headstart Facility
  • First camera traps deployed in the Hellshire Hills to monitor Jamaican iguanas
  • In April 2009, a team from the San Diego Zoo, Fort Worth Zoo and Hope Zoo gathered in Kingston, Jamaica for the annual veterinary health assessment component of the Jamaican Iguana Recovery Program.
  • Another group of headstarted Jamaican Iguanas was released recently and is now getting reacquainted with their native Hellshire Hills after a lifetime in captivity. Between 4 and 28 February 2008, 15 (9 males, 6 females) were repatriated to the wild after having been headstarted at Kingston’s Hope Zoo
  • First documented nesting of Ricord’s Iguana in Haiti
  • 2008 - Research on Tourism Impacts on Bahamian Iguanas
    Impacts of tourism on iguanas documented in the Bahamas
  • 2007 - Nesting Sites Documented in Hellshire Hills
    New nesting site discovered for the Jamaican iguana in the Hellshire Hills
  • 2007 - Jamaican Iguana Headstart Facility
    Jamaican Iguana Headstart facility doubles in size, allowing more hatchlings to be raised in the facility
  • 2007 - Turks and Caicos Iguana Population
    A new population of Turks and Caicos Iguanas is established
  • On 9 March, 18 (9 males, 9 females) headstarted Jamaican Iguanas, Cyclura collei, were reintroduced into their native Hellshire Hills in southeastern Jamaica as part of the recovery plan for this species. These releases bring the number of iguana reintroduced since 1996 to 85.
  • 2006 - Molecular studies of the Ctenosaura species
    Molecular evaluation of four Spiny-tailed Iguana species in Honduras and Guatemala
  • 2006 - Anegada Feral Mammal Control
    Feral mammal eradication plan for Anegada Island created by IIF partner Island Conservation
  • 2006 - Jamaican Iguana Recovery Plan
    Jamaican Iguana Recovery Plan developed.
  • The International Iguana Foundation has produced exciting new public education materials designed to heighten local awareness for the Anegada Iguana conservation story.
  • A fourth release of Anegada Iguanas, Cyclura pinguis, took place on October 6th and 7th, 2006. Twenty-nine headstarted Anegada Iguanas were released back to the wild, bringing the total number of animals released to 101 since 2003
  • 2006 - Anegada Iguana Recovery Plan
    Anegada Iguana Species Recovery Plan implemented, including local conservation awareness program t
  • The Indianapolis Zoo is extremely excited to announce that for the first time ever the Critically Endangered Jamaican Iguana has been hatched outside of their native island country.
  • In what can only be described as a landmark event, three Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas have hatched in the Salina Reserve, without the benefit of human assistance
  • 2005 - Mona Island Iguana
    Monitoring program developed for the Mona Island Iguana
  • 2005 - Research Begins on Fijian Iguanas
    Natural history studies begin on Fiji Crested Iguanas on Yadua Taba
  • On 26 February 2005 another group of headstarted Jamaican Iguanas was repatriated to their native habitat in the remote Hellshire Hills of southeastern coastal Jamaica. Sixteen iguanas were released as part of a joint collaborative endeavor between the Hope Zoo, University of the West Indies (UWI) and the Fort Worth Zoo. This is the second “hard release” meaning that iguanas are released without radio-transmitters for monitoring.
  • A 2001 Isuzu Rodeo was recently shipped to the BVI to be used as a dedicated field project vehicle for researchers studying the endangered Anegada Iguana, Cyclura pinguis.
  • For the third consecutive year (2003 – 05) headstarted Anegada Iguanas, Cyclura pinguis, have been returned to wild as part of the ongoing recovery program
  • 2004 - San Salvador Iguanas
    2004 – New population of San Salvador iguanas established in the Bahamas
  • 2004 - Turks and Caicos
    Restoration project initiated in the Turks and Caicos
  • 2004 - Grand Cayman Blue Iguana population expanded
    2004 - A second population of Grand Cayman iguana is established.
  • 2003 - Ricord's Rock Iguana Research
    Population and habitat surveys conducted on Ricord’s Rock Iguana in the Dominican Republic.
  • 2003 - Grand Cayman Conservation Breeding Center Expanded
    In situ Conservation breeding center for the Enadngered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana is expanded allowing for more animals to be reared in facility
  • 2003 - First Headstarted Anegada Iguanas released
    The first of the Critically Endangered Andegada Iguanas were released into the wild
  • 2002 - Critical Iguana Radio Tracking Studies
    Radio tracking studies conducted on Grand Cayman, Mona Island, Andros Island, and Anegada.
  • 2001 - Ricord's Rock Iguana
    Ricord’s Iguana Species Recovery Plan is developed
  • 2001 - Grand Cayman blue Iguana
    Grand Cayman Iguana Species Recovery Plan drafted
  • 2001 - The international Iguana Foundation Established
    In response to the need for consistent funding for iguana conservation the International Iguana Foundation was founded
  • 1997 - Anegada Headstart Facility
    First iguana headstart facility built on Anegada.
  • 1996 - First Trial Release of Jamaican Iguanas
    First trial release of Jamaican iguanas from the headstart facility at Hope Zoo.