We support conservation, awareness, and scientific programs that enhance the survival of wild iguanas and their habitats.

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The International Iguana Foundation was founded in August 2001 in Fort Worth, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which makes all donations to us tax-deductible. Make your donation by December 31 to ensure that it can be deducted this year’s taxes

Current Campaign

Saving the last stronghold of The Lesser Antillean Iguana – iguana delicatissima

We Did It!

The Lesser Antillean Iguana

Thanks to your generous donations we raised $40,449 for our End of Year Campaign to Save the Last Stronghold of the Lesser Antillean Iguana!
The Lesser Antillean iguana is Critically Endangered species, threatened with extinction by invasive species across several of the Lesser Antillean islands.
GOAL: $25,000
$40,449 raised

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Rick Hudson
International Iguana Foundation
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Thank you for your interest in donating to the International Iguana Foundation!

Today, many of the 45 species of iguanas are threatened with extinction, some with wild populations numbering less than 200 individuals. The problems are similar wherever iguanas are found: poaching, loss of habitat, and the negative effects of introduced species. The International Iguana Foundation is working to raise the funds necessary to implement iguana conservation programs throughout the world. Working in concert with the IUCN SSC Iguana Specialist Group (ISG) and other organizations, the IIF provides critical support to initiatives prioritized in the ISG’s Conservation Action Plans and Species Recovery Plans. To donate to IIF’s conservation programs, just click on the PayPal “Donate” button above.

If you would like to restrict your donation to a particular species or program, we are happy to do so, please Contact Us to discuss it!