What We Do

The International Iguana Foundation works in partnership with a wide variety of organizations to save threatened and endangered iguana species from extinction.
By providing grant funds to iguana research and conservation, we work to restore these flagship species and their habitats and give critical support to science-based iguana recovery programs. As a non-profit organization, we generate public awareness of the important role that iguanas play in maintaining healthy ecosystems, as well as the many threats facing wild iguanas today. We also work with local communities to fund education and foster support in the areas iguanas live.

Currently, most of the 45 species in the Iguanidae family are listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered.
Yet they are often overlooked in conservation efforts. We are dedicated to ensuring that these amazing and charismatic animals, which have been a vital part of Earth’s biodiversity for hundreds of thousands of years, continue to bask, burrow, climb, disperse seeds to replenish forests, and stride across their territory well into the future.

Rebuilding declining iguana populations by raising young iguanas in headstart programs until they can hold their own against predators, and structuring wild reintroductions for long-term success.

Working in the field to conduct studies of iguana populations, ecology, behavior, reproduction, and resource needs to inform conservation and recovery programs.

Facilitating reforestation, native plant restoration, and invasive species removal, and working with communities and governments to set aside protected habitat to support iguana survival. 

Investing in the future of iguana conservation by partnering with local communities to establish educational programs, fostering volunteer participation, and sharing stories, updates, and successes with the public.

Current Projects We Support

Anegada Rock Iguana

Fijian Crested Iguana

Jamaican Rock Iguana

Lesser Antillean Iguana

Galápagos Marine Iguana

Motagua Spiny-tailed Iguana

Ricord's Rock Iguana

Roatan Spiny-tailed Iguana

St. Lucia Iguana

Útila Spiny-tailed Iguana

Every donation matters.

A donation of just $10 helps support the conservation of an iguana species!

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