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Join us in the campaign to Save the Last Stronghold of the Lesser Antillean Iguana on Dominica

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The Lesser Antillean Iguana 

Thanks to your generous donations we raised $40,449 in our End of Year campaign to save the last stronghold of Lesser Antillean Iguanas on the island of the Dominica!
Goal: $25,000
$40,449 raised
The Lesser Antillean iguana (Iguana delicatissima) is Critically Endangered species that once occupied at least 14 from Anguilla to Martinique in the eastern Caribbean. Now, it clings to survival on only 5. Its last remaining stronghold, Dominica, is under severe threat from invasive green iguanas that compete with native iguanas and even hybridize with them. Without immediate conservation action, the unique Lesser Antillean iguana will go extinct and be lost forever.
The International Iguana Foundation’s 2020 End of Year campaign will aid on the ground conservation efforts with Lesser Antillean Iguanas aimed at curbing the spread of invasive species. 

Conservation measures for rebuilding depleted iguana

Applied science-based iguana conservation and recovery programs

Investing in our partners and the future of
iguana conservation

Land purchases protect critical iguana habitat

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