iguana iguana

Common Green Iguana


IUCN Status: Least Concern
Range: Naturally found in N México through Central America to NE South America and some Caribbean islands
Population: Unknown

Species Information

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IIF Grants Received

2017 Grant $8,265
Assessing the Taxonomic Status of the Iguana iguana Population on Curaçao and the Threat of Hybridization with Already Present Non-native I. iguana Lineages

Thijs van den Burg
2004 Grant $7,500

Conservation Biology and Management of the Saint Lucian Iguana, Iguana iguana

Matt Morton and Karen Graham


2003 Grant $5,390
Reproduction and Survival in St. Lucian Iguanas: Breeding Females, Dispersing Hatchlings and Assessing the Role of Headstarting

Anna T.C. Feistner

Funding will support local field assistant’s salary, expenses, and equipment. This study will result in a better understanding of location and dispersal of adult females and improved hatchling survival, and allow assessment of head-starting as a viable conservation tool for St. Lucia Iguanas.
2002 Grant $1,500
Surveying St. Lucian Iguanas

Catherine Malone

A $1,500 grant was given to Catherine Malone to continue her iguana survey work in St. Lucia, in collaboration with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. This fieldwork was also supported by grants from the Miami MetroZoo and the Columbus Zoo.

Reports from the Field