2009 Project Update

The following report was provided by Kelly Bradley (Fort Worth Zoo), lead field biologist in charge of coordinating recovery efforts on behalf of the International Iguana Foundation and the IUCN Iguana Specialist Group.

Cyclura pinguisThe headstart facility had a unique opportunity to reach almost 900 students from across the whole British Virgin Islands (BVI). The Governor of the BVI treated the top two children from each classroom to a day tour on Anegada. All the students received a brief lecture about the island’s iguana and the measures being taken to conserve it.

During the July nest surveys we documented a nest on Middle Cay, representing the first nest found at this location. Unfortunately, the nest had been excavated and the broken eggs were on the surface. This nest was from a headstarted female. Even though the nest was unsuccessful, this is the first documented nesting attempt by a headstarted female. As a result of the annual nest survey, 22 new hatchlings were transferred to the headstart facility this October.