2011 Release

In October of 2011 our headstart program had the largest release of iguanas to date, with 31 animals being repatriated into the wild. In addition, we collected 37 new hatchlings from wild nests which entered our headstart facility for eventual repatriation. One of the highlights of this year’s release was the voluntary attendance of over 25 school children on their free day. The attendance of these children shows that the outreach and education program on Anegada is fostering community support for these iguanas. On a separate release date the Governor and National Parks Trust officials also visited the island and participated in the release of iguanas, furthering our relationship with the government officials.

Cyclura pinguisIn the coming years, we will be conducting a hatchling mortality study for this species which will confirm and quantify the causes and rates of mortality on hatchling iguanas. It is our hope that this study will assist us in the gaining baseline data prior to future feral animal controls. Our headstart program will continue to operate and our goal is to continue to exceed hatchling iguanas brought in and number of animals released.