2005 Iguana Release

Survivorship of released iguanas has been encouraging, with 79% of those from 2003 still alive after two years, and 88% of the 2004 group still surviving after one year. Some of the other questions that biologists hope to answer from studying released iguanas include whether degraded habitat with introduced herbivores (cows, donkeys, goats) can support a large iguana population, the best habitat type to release iguanas back into, and if headstarting iguanas affects their ability to survive in the wild after 4-6 years in captivity.

These releases and the ongoing recovery program are funded, in part, by the IIF. Additional financial support came from grants the SSC Sir Peter Scott Conservation Action Fund, the AZA Conservation Endowment Fund, and the Dallas Zoological Society. Staffing for 2005 was provided by the Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Diego Zoos, and the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society.