Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas hatch at San Diego Zoo

Report submitted by Jeff Lemm, San Diego Zoo

The dam hatched in 2001 at the headstart and breeding facility in Grand Cayman and she and the sire (hatched 2002) were brought to CRES in 2005. This pair, along with eight other juveniles representing five founder pedigrees new to the U.S. captive population, was imported by the International Iguana Foundation in order to bolster the genetic diversity of the breeding program. This is the first breeding of this species at San Diego; only two other zoos (Gladys Porter and Indianapolis) have bred Blue Iguanas in the U.S. in the last decade. CRES has been an integral part of the AZA’s Cyclura SSP (American Zoo and Aquarium Association Species Survival Plan) since its inception and is a collaborator on the Blue Iguana Recovery Project.