2006 Ricordii Distribution

Distribution of Cyclura ricordii on the southern shore of Lake Enriquillo

Report submitted by Grupo Jaragua

Direct sightings of live and dead iguanas, track analysis, and discovery of refugia were used by Grupo Jaragua to identify areas being used by Cyclura ricordii on the southern shore of Lake Enriquillo. No quantitative data is provided in the report, but C. ricordii populations were verified on the main road between the towns of Baitoa and El Limón, along the old road from Duvergé to Jimaní, northeast of the Laguna del Limón, and northeast of Laguna el Medio. C. ricordii is found with C. cornuta in all of these areas. Threats to these populations were determined by interviews with locals, fieldtrips to assess vegetation damage, and analysis of satellite imagery. These populations are at risk because they lack any legal protection. Grupo Jaragua is negotiating with the local governments to obtain some local legal protections. Threats include charcoal production, hunting (including excavation of dens), and flooding as there is a high concentration of dens in dry creek beds.

Download the entire report from Grupo Jaragua here